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Tajuk post sebelum ini adalah berkaitan dengan definisi SLOW LEARNER. Teman-teman boleh membacanya di pautan ini jika berminat.
Mohon maaf kerana apa yang dikongsikan ini dalam bahasa Inggeris, saya berhajat untuk menterjemahkannya tetapi tidak berpeluang. Namun saya pasti ia bahasa Inggeris yang digunakan senang untuk difahami.

Characteristics of slow learners

In general, slow learning students may display some or all of these characteristics, depending on their age and degree of problems acquiring knowledge at school. 
  • First, slow learners are frequently immature in their relations with others and do poorly in school.
  • Secondly, they cannot do complex problems and work very slowly
  • They lose track of time and cannot transfer what they have learned from one task to another well.  
  • They do not easily master skills that are academic in nature, such as the times tables or spelling rules.
  • Perhaps the most frustrating trait is their inability to have long-term goals.  They live in the present, and so have significant problems with time management probably due to a short attention span and poor concentration skills.  

Remember, just because a child is not doing well in one class does not make that student a slow learner. Very few children excel in all subject areas unless there is great deal of grade inflation at that school. So it’s essential the parent or teacher examine in depth standardized tests scores to look for trends.

Also, slow learners differ from reluctant learners. A slow learner initially wants to learn, but has a problem with the process

A reluctant learner is not motivated and can also be passive aggressive, creating more problems for teachers and parents through non-cooperation. Reluctant learners seldom have learning disabilities.

It doesn’t seem right that a child who is low in one area gets the help they need, but a child who struggles in all areas receives no special services".

A slow learner is difficult to identify because he/she is no different in appearance and can function normally in most situations. He/she usually has normal physical dexterity, has adequate memory, and possesses common sense. The fact that a slow learner possesses these qualities sometimes is why parents find it difficult to understand how their child can be a slow learner.  What they need to realize is that, although the child has these qualities he/she does not necessarily have the ability to do school work.

Common characteristics of a slow learner are
  • Their measured intelligence is 75%-90% of the average child, 
  • The ability to read comes about a year later than most
  • The rate at which they learn is 4/5 to 9/10 that of the normal rate.  
  • Abstract thinking is difficult for a slow learner and their attention span is short.  
  • A slow learner reacts slower than average
  • Self-expression is awkward and self-esteem is low.  
  • It is hard to figure things out themselves, especially if given multiple step instructions.  
  • Most slow learners function below grade level in all subject areas and generally score consistently low on achievement tests.  
  • It may appear that slow learners are not capable of learning however, Servio Carroll wrote, “slow learners are handicapped in the regular classroom to approximately the same degree as students with average abilities when competing with gifted students.”  They are able to learn although the mastery of skills comes much slower. 


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